Cal RETAILERs Political Action Committee: Your Best Investment!

The California Retail Association is the voice of the retail industry in California. CalRETAILERS supports hundreds of candidates for state and local office who share CRA’s philosophy and vision of ensuring California is focused on CONSUMERS • ECONOMY • JOBS in our state.


As policy and regulations are debated in California, now more than ever, our members need to fight and advocate for a robust business climate.

The CalRETAILERS Political Action Committee financially supports retail-friendly candidates for elected office. Retailing plays a major role in the state’s economy and directly affects the quality of life for Californians. The actions of government in areas such as employee benefits, minimum wage, taxes and environmental regulation have a significant impact on the health of your business. That’s why it’s crucial for the industry to be represented. Click here to learn more.

CalRETAILERS Investment Benefits

CRA works to support business and retail friendly legislation and to prevent regulations that burden business from becoming law. CalRETAILERS actively supports candidates to ensure we have retail-friendly elected officials in the State Capitol and in City Halls across the state.

The CalRETAILERS PAC is a separate entity formed by members of CRA to make contributions to candidates for California’s elected office. Contact us to learn more.

Join Today!

Due to the fast-changing policy landscape, the threats and opportunities to the retail industry is greater now than ever before. The CalRETAILERS-PAC offers a voice to promote issues important to CRA members.

If every CRA member can make a maximum contribution, we will make significant progress towards our fundraising goal! Contact us if you'd like to join.

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