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CRA Addresses CA’s Port Congestion and Supply Chain Effects

CRA’s Vice President for Public Policy Steve McCarthy participated in a panel discussion today during a California Department of Food and Agriculture board meeting that focused on resolving the longer-term issue of port congestion and its effects on California’s supply chain for the retail industry.

CA retail is the last link in the supply chain between the product and the consumer and ripples in the supply chain become waves by the time they hit retail stores.

Port Congestion is an increasing concern resulting in higher costs for shipping, which also means higher costs for CA’s consumers and reduced ability to meet consumer need.

Substantial and unpredictable delays in delivering goods and precious days or weeks of delay can mean empty store shelves particularly at times of peak demand.

CRA is very proud of the work retailers and our partners all along the supply chain have done during this pandemic. Collectively, we overcame numerous obstacles to ensure not only Californians, but the nation, had food, medications, toilet paper, supplies and other needed items.

We need to work together to ensure our goods market remains strong and our state remains a national and global leader in goods movement.

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