California is the 5th Largest Economy in the World!

The retail industry is a driving force for California’s economy. The California Retailers Association represents a quarter of the state’s employment and $330 billion worth of gross domestic product each year. Join CRA today and support a growing effort to support California’s consumers, economy and jobs!

California Retailers Association Encourages Safe Holiday Shopping

CRA video outlines guidance and best practices for safe shopping during the holiday season. We are all in this together.

CRA is the Voice of California’s Retail Industry


Our Mission

The California Retailers Association promotes, preserves and enhances the retail industry in California. We protect the industry by taking significant leadership positions in development of public policy and regulatory measures that impact our members and the business climate in our state.

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1 in 4 Jobs
In California
Are Retail!

Retail is the largest private sector employer in the U.S.! Retail drives the economy and creates jobs in every corner of California.  Retail is everywhere – on the neighborhood street corner, on your computer or on your smartphone.

Retail impact by the numbers

Retail impact by the numbers

Retail Trade 3,211,805 $159,356
Health Care 1,947,136 $128,066
Finance 1,055,137 $99,906
Real Estate 1,264,203 $341,163
Agriculture 443,764 $35,612
Arts & Ent. 570,960 $27,857

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Investing in the California Retailers Association is Good Business. CRA is YOUR voice in Sacramento and in local government throughout the state!

Retail impact by the numbers

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