CRA Committees

Member Involvement Opportunities

We welcome the involvement of our members. There are various opportunities for members to engage in the association.

CRA has a committee structure to increase diverse member engagement. Please review the below list of committees and list serves you would like “opt-in” to or if there is another member of your team that has the expertise to assist with input as legislative and regulatory issues move through the process. Email your selections to

Board Governance Committees

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – The Executive Committee is a “standing committee of the board” and consists of the Chair (or co-chairs),
Secretary, Treasurer, immediate past Chair(s) (so long as they are still on the board) and up to five (5) additional directors appointed by
the Board. The Chair (or co-chairs) of the board shall be the chair(s) of the Executive Committee. **elected positions

BOARD of DIRECTORS – All directors are elected by the regular voting members of the association. Directors are elected to serve three (3)
years and until a successor has been elected and qualified. There is no limit on the number of terms a director may serve so long as they
remain qualified and elected. Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting as set forth in the guidelines outlined in the by-laws and election procedures. **elected positions

Committees and List Serves

For each committee and list serve, members are kept informed of and are asked to provide feedback on key issues within the subject area. 


For each standing committee we ask for active member participation by providing feedback within the subject area. Examples of participation includes conference calls and access to subject matter experts. Some committees may require a greater time commitment that others. We welcome experts from member companies who can provide subject matter expertise. Committee participation is reserved for CRA member companies only.

Issues related to pharmacies including OTCs, pharmaceuticals, sales restrictions, labeling, signage and reporting requirements. 

Legislation and regulation affecting California’s environment policy including CalRecycle, aluminum, glass & plastic beverage container recycling legislation, regulations, legal issues and programs including CRV increases, processing fees, store signage, producer labeling, zoning requirements and program expansion to new products or containers. Includes packaging legislation (SB 50; AB 1080)

Issues related to labor (i.e. AB 5); workforce development; Future of Workforce Commission recommendations, predictive scheduling, etc. 

Advises on CRA positions regarding proposed legislation and regulations affecting the retail industry in California. Advises on amendments and regulatory issues as they move through the process. (This committee is limited in the number of committee members). 

Advises on local government expansion for CRA including increasing CRA’s presence in key communities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and other key areas of the state. 

Legislation affecting retailer customer privacy issues (data retention, data breaches, identity theft, facial recognition); including CCPA, CCPA 2.0 and Attorney General regulations. 

Legislation and regulations related to the supply chain and goods movement including cargo, rail, trucks and more. 


Members receive electronic updates related to the specific policy area as outlined in the list serve description. In limited cases, CRA staff will solicit input from members pertaining to specific questions related to the policy area. 

Alcoholic beverage-related policy including taxes, sales restrictions, fees, reporting, licensing, labeling and signage. Wine, beer and spirits are covered. 

Updates on the latest regulatory actions related to the states Cal/OSHA government agency. The Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), better known as Cal/OSHA, regulates the state's labor and workforce. 

Energy legislation, California Air Resources Board, legal issues and programs including conservation, direct access, efficiency standards for electrical products; includes issues related to the California Public Utilities Commission as well as California Ports. 

Food and grocery store related legislation, regulation, legal issues and programs including food safety, labeling, signage, sales restrictions, California Food Code updates and recalls. 

Issues related to Green Chemistry regulations proposed by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, such as private label, manufacturing and retailer definitions, product bans and sales restrictions. Includes issues related to Prop 65 legislation.

Issues related to affordable housing and homelessness. 

Issues and regulations pertaining to on-line marketplaces and legislation related to expansion, employment issues and privacy. 

Loss prevention-related legislation and regulations including organization retail crime, background checks, shoplifting, trespass, camera surveillance and justice reform. 

Legislation and local ordinances affecting employee scheduling. 

Legislation, regulations and legal issues including tax increases, expansion of sales tax to services, collection, audits and affected products. 

Updates on the latest Executive Orders, legislation and regulations related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that impact retailers and the business community.

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