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About the Coalition

The California Community Pharmacy Coalition is made up of a diverse group of community pharmacy providers, retailers, grocers and community health access stakeholders committed to ensuring equitable patients access to healthcare services.

Putting PATIENTS First...

Among the most trusted and accessible partners in healthcare are pharmacists. On any given day, walk into a community pharmacy and ask a trained pharmacist about personal health concerns. It’s likely they will make time to answer questions and suggest medications, either over the counter or prescription. Pharmacists who work in community pharmacies touch patients’ lives in many meaningful ways that improve the health of the entire community. They often conduct health and wellness screenings, demonstrate proper use of antibiotics and inhalers, give advice about immunizations, and suggest lower-cost generic alternatives.

Providing ACCESS to healthcare…

With nearly nine in 10 Californians living within five miles of a community pharmacy, the role of the pharmacist in orchestrating a patient’s care on the front lines is often overlooked. Community pharmacies are critical members of the ever-changing healthcare system, and community pharmacists are uniquely positioned to oversee medications, both individually and in combinations, from the numerous prescribers one patient may have. Having the ability to coordinate the complete medication regimen of a patient allows the pharmacist the opportunity to suggest methods for accurately and effectively taking prescribed medications, discuss medication safety, identify and manage side effects, and assist in managing chronic health conditions, providing much-needed access to millions of California’s in their own neighborhoods and communities.

Ensuring EQUITY for Californians….

Equity means allowing every person the opportunity to achieve their optimal health, and the cards are stacked differently for different people. Whether someone lives in a dense, urban environment, or a rural location, not everyone might have the same access to care. Community pharmacies understand the barriers that prevent each person from achieving their optimal health and pharmacists are ideally prepared to work with social determinants of health. Pharmacists have more touchpoints with their patients than other healthcare providers and see their patients two to nine times more than a primary care physician. And with the growing primary care physician gap, this relationship is increasing in importance as pharmacists connect with their patients on a regular basis. Because community pharmacies are more accessible, they're uniquely prepared to battle health equity and ensure all Californians have equal access to healthcare services.

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