Our Key Issues

CRA's advocacy program is focused on promoting, preserving and enhancing California's retail industry. CRA works with a top team of lobbyists who have advocated on retail issues for over 20 years. Their expertise, along with CRA's collaborations, allow CRA to effectively influence state public policy at the State Capitol and in major cities across California.

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Consumer Protection

Consumers are the backbone of the retail industry in California and retailers value their customers and their privacy. CRA advocates for polices that protect consumers while providing them with the incentives they enjoy.

Economic Vitality

California retail is a huge economic driver in the state, the 5th largest economy in the world. CRA advocates to ensure local and state regulations do not stifle economic growth for our members, which would impact retail’s economic contribution to California’s economy.

Regulatory and Legislative Advocacy

CRA’s team of advocates are on the front lines of ensuring retail’s voice is heard in the State Capitol and in City Halls across the state. CRA collaborates with other likeminded organizations and associations and encourages our members to advocate for CRA priority issues.



Retailers depend on their employees because retailers know they would not be successful without a robust workforce. CRA works to ensure employment policies benefit their employees while not being overly burdensome to employers.

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Organized Retail Crime

Organized retail crime is a multi-million-dollar loss to the retail industry in California and affects main street retailers, regional retailers and national brands. CRA is on the front lines advocating for retailers at the state and local level for polices that protect both consumers and retailers.



CRA works with many associations and groups to ensure we protect two of retail's most important assets: environment and people. California leads the nation when it comes to legislation and regulation related to environmental issues. Our team works with members of the State Legislature, the Administration and various regulatory boards to ensure our members are informed and have a voice when these important issues are being debated.