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The California Retailers Association promotes, preserves and enhances the retail industry in California. We protect the industry by taking significant leadership positions in the development of public policy and regulatory measures that impact our members and the business climate in our state. CRA’s focus is to enhance the image of the retail industry – to policy makers and consumers - by providing information, services and support that adds value and profitability to our members.

Our Vision

The California Retailers Association is recognized as the most significant voice representing the retail industry in California’s public policy arena, at the State Capitol, in City Halls and with regulatory bodies across the state. Policy makers, community leaders and valued stakeholders recognize CRA’s critical role in shaping public policy and influencing regulatory issues important to the profitability of retail, from all shapes and sizes. CRA members know their active participation in the Association adds value and profitability to their bottom line, through our collective representation before public policy makers, regulatory boards and commissions, national stakeholders and as the key influencer with the media.

Our Values



Retail is vital to CA's workforce. Prior to the pandemic, retail employed 3,211,805 people, one-fourth of CA's total employment. Retail provides diverse opportunities for people of all backgrounds, offers flexible and collaborative careers and training programs and jobs for people who have made mistakes in the past or who other industries would not employ.

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Sustainability is increasingly a fundamental part of the retail business model. It is a commitment to our customers and the communities in which we live. In many cases, enhanced sustainability can also reduce costs, but more importantly, our customers expect that we are implementing sustainable practices. Learn more about what retailers are doing in this space.



Retail has an important story to tell in California and CRA provides the voice. CA Retail is one of the most diverse industries in the state, nationally and worldwide. Retail employs team members young and old and encourages upward mobility through training in supply chains, data science, marketing, environmental, technology, financial, engineering and design, and that is only the beginning. Retailers large and small are a driving force in CA's innovation.

About Us

CA is the largest state economy in the nation, 5th largest in the world and is a diverse retail market full of legislative and regulatory issues that impact every retailer doing business in the state. CRA members have a voice in the halls of the State Capitol and with local governments across the state on issues important to the retail industry in the largest market in the US. CalRetailers promotes public policy that is good for CA's consumers, economy and workforce. The CA Retailers Association is the only statewide trade association representing all segments of the retail industry including general merchandise, department stores, mass merchandisers, online markets, restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets and grocery stores, chain drug and specialty retail such as auto, vision, jewelry, hardware and home stores.

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The California Retailers Association benefits California’s retailing industry through effective engagement with retailers, the general public, policy makers and the media regarding impacts legislative and regulatory proposals can have on the success of retail operations, which in turn can affect California’s economy and workforce. As THE voice of retail in California’s Capitol, in local government chambers and at regulatory agencies across the state, CRA and its team of lobbyists closely monitor legislative and regulatory activity, voicing opposition to anti-business proposals and supporting retail and business friendly initiatives.

The California Retailers Association knows the retail industry is a driving force of the state’s economy. Whether it is a national brand or a local retailer, retailers across California support a robust economy and strong workforce that is the 5th largest economy in the world. We also recognize there are unique challenges to the business community in California and CRA works with other like-minded associations and groups to provide a united front in battling initiatives that would undermine the growth of retail in our state. CRA is committed to stabilizing and strengthening the economic environment to bolster existing employers and attracting new ones. CRA is on the front lines of issues that directly affect retailers’ bottom line and is well-positioned to serve members that represent the rich diversity of our state - a single store, a national chain and everyone in between.

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