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Investment in the California Retailers Association benefits in many ways. Specifically, membership adds to the overall influence of CRA at the state and local level and helps tell the retail story to consumers and policymakers about the important contributions retail makes to California’s economy and workforce.

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Discuss issues and legislation with a team of policy experts. CRA holds regular legislative policy briefings, board meetings and ad hoc meetings so members have a direct line of communication to CRA leadership, staff and policy experts. CRA ensures members are aware of, at all times, what is happening under the Capitol dome or in city halls across the state. Members receive timely and relevant insight on the political landscape providing knowledge and information that give members an edge in business decisions in the 5th largest economy in the world.



Participate in issue-specific committees. Involvement in CRA’s committees and task forces gives power to your voice within CRA. For each committee and task force, members are kept informed and asked to provide feedback on key issues within the subject area. Click here for a complete list of CRA committees and task forces.







Tell policymakers how their decisions impact your business. CRA tracks hundreds of legislative bills that move through the State Capitol and actively advocates on behalf of retail. We engage in issues such as the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), online marketplaces, food/product delivery, packaging, employment issues, ports and many more. CRA drives the conversation through legislative advocacy days, briefings and roundtable discussions and an annual State of Retail Summit that includes state and local policy makers and their staff so decision makers understand the impact over regulation can have on California’s consumers, economy and jobs and California’s retail industry.


Stay Informed

Access to briefings and newsletters that keep you apprised of essential California polices that effect our industry. CRA’s membership portal provides members with exclusive access to legislative and regulatory advocacy letters sent to federal, state and local agencies, our archive of bi-monthly newsletters and legislative/regulatory/political alerts, association governance documents and board meeting materials. CRA also provides timely and consistent retail industry related updates on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.




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Share ideas and best practices with like-minded members. CRA continues to work with members, federal, state and local leaders and chambers of commerce to develop guidelines and best practices for shopping safely during the pandemic so retail employees, consumer safety and the economy continue to be top priority.

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Join one of 10+ committees and connect with like-minded peers who want to ensure retail thrives in California. CRA is connected, both in California and nationally. CRA members are part of a powerful community that works to impact issues that affect business in California.



Get closer to retailers who are shaping the future of the industry in California.

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