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CRA Joins Statewide Business Community in Responding to Governor’s COVID-19 Announcement

SACRAMENTO—The following organizations from the statewide business community issued the following response to Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcement that state employees will no longer be able to self-attest vaccination status at the workplace:

“The governor’s approach will allow economic recovery to continue while redoubling efforts to encourage vaccinations. From the beginning of the pandemic, the business community has been a partner with the governor and public health officials by implementing mitigation protocols and testing, hosting vaccination clinics, communicating the need to get vaccinated, promoting the vaccine through its own PSA, and offering incentives to employees and customers. We will continue to look to work with the governor on additional ways we can help encourage vaccines without negatively impacting employment opportunities or our economic recovery at this critical stage, while paying special attention to continued outreach to Black and Latino communities, of which 51 percent and 49 percent remain unvaccinated, respectively.”

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