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CRA Responds to San Francisco Target Stores Cutting Operating Hours Due To Retail Theft Surge

KPIX 5 (CBS): San Francisco Target Stores Cut Operating Hours Due To Retail Theft Surge

“I wasn’t surprised, because we’ve seen other retailers close in San Francisco. I’m actually proud of the fact that they are trying to hold on and keep the stores open,” said Rachel Michelin, president of the California Retailers Association.

Michelin told KPIX that San Francisco is the fifth worst city in the nation for retail theft, with Los Angeles taking the number one spot. She says the shoplifters aren’t working alone. They are often often juveniles and unhoused people tapped by organized crime to do the dirty work.

“There comes a point — with what we have shared with the elected leaders of the city — where these types of decisions have to be made,” said Michelin. “The bottom line is when these employees don’t feel safe coming to work. That’s when they have to take these drastic measures.”

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KABC 7: Target, Walgreens make drastic changes due to increase in San Francisco thefts

According to the California Retailer’s Association three cities in our state are among the top 10 in the country when it comes to organized retail crime–Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento.

Already we are seeing the negative impact it is having in San Francisco with stores permanently shutting down or closing early. It has become one of the most pressing issues in our city today.

Target has now acknowledged that San Francisco is the only city in America where they have decided to close some stores early because of the escalating retail crime.

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