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Proponents of Highest Tax Increase In California History Deceiving Voters Claiming Measure Will ‘Protect Prop 13’

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, proponents of the flawed $12.5 billion a year split-roll property tax measure announced they have begun gathering signatures for their second, equally flawed split-roll property tax measure, which, if passed, will be the largest tax increase in California history.

The split-roll campaign, desperate for support, is deceiving voters as signature gathers are telling them that the measure will protect Prop 13 – the exact opposite of the measure’s intended purpose. This comes after a September poll by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) found that only 47 percent of likely voters support a split-roll property tax, but 64 percent of likely voters support Prop 13, according to a PPIC poll earlier this year.

“The split roll property tax measure will be a sledgehammer to brick and mortar retail and will harm working families across California as it will drive up costs for the goods and services we buy every day – like groceries, utilities, diapers, prescriptions, clothing, day care, health care and even gas,” said Rachel Michelin, President of the California Retailers Association. “This measure will make our state even more unaffordable and hurt all Californians.”

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