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California Retailers Association Announces 2020 Board of Directors

Sacramento, CA – January 9, 2020 – The California Retailers Association (CRA) announced today the 2020 Board of Directors. 

  • Chair- Opio Dupree, Macy’s
  • Vice-Chair- Franciso Uribe, Home Depot
  • Secretary- Nick Johnson, Target
  • Treasurer- Larry Carr, Albertsons
  • Casey Cesnovar, Walgreens
  • Arnold Grothues, JC Penny
  • Dan Lopez, Best Buy
  • Kevin Loscotoff, Walmart
  • Belinda Sirha, Gap
  • TJ Birkel, Darden
  • William Boas, Big Lots
  • Jonathan Choi, Dart Container
  • Lupe DeLaCruz, Pepsico
  • Michael Diamond, Scotts Miracle Grow
  • Allen Horne, CVS
  • Sandy Kennedy, Retail Industry Leaders Association
  • Jared Liu-Klein, Sempra
  • David McKinney, Autozone
  • Chelsea Minor, Raley’s
  • Meredith Preloh, Lowes
  • Stephenie Shah, Diageo
  • Jermaine Smith, RiteAid
  • Jason Straczewski, National Retail Federation
  • Steve Thomas, Kohl’s
  • Tom Tucker, Autocare Association
  • Rick Van Nieuwburg, Altria

CRA is the only statewide trade association representing all segments of the retail industry including general merchandise, department stores, mass merchandisers, restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets and grocery stores, chain drug, and specialty retail such as auto, vision, jewelry, hardware and home stores. CRA works on behalf of California’s retail industry, which currently operates over 418,840 retail establishments with a gross domestic product of $330 billion annually and employs 3,211,805 people—one fourth of California’s total employment. 

“On behalf of the 2020 CRA Board, I am pleased to welcome new and returning members to the association’s leadership team. We are preparing for a busy year and look forward to working with the Administration and State Legislators on important issues facing California’s consumers, strengthening California’s economy and broadening retail job growth in the state,” said Rachel Michelin, CRA President. “CRA’s board brings together a variety of retail industry perspectives and issues with a unifying purpose to advocate for retailers of all sizes. This year we are excited to form new partnerships and introduce new programs to highlight California’s retail story.” 

The California Retailers Association’s mission is to promote, preserve and enhance the retail industry in California. CRA protects the industry by taking significant leadership positions in development of public policy and regulatory measures that impact members and the business climate in California. For more information visit the CRA website at  


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