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CRA Joins More Than 35 Statewide, Regional, and Local Organizations Urging all 58 California Counties to Unite Behind the State’s June 15 Reopening Date

Today, more than 35 statewide, regional, and local organizations sent a letter to all 58 California counties urging local leaders to unite behind the state’s June 15 reopening date. The message from business leaders, veterans, social justice advocates, and local chambers was clear — it’s time to rally behind Governor Newsom’s reopening plan and move California forward. See the full letter below.

CRA President and CEO Rachel Michelin “Over the last 15 months, every Californian has dealt with confusion over COVID-19 guidelines. The only way California can make a strong comeback is to have a united approach to reopening the state on June 15 — not just for employers, but also for workers, consumers and all residents.”

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