News Release

CRA Newsletter February 2020

As February comes to an end, the CRA is team is sifting through thousands of legislative bills that were introduced last week. February 21st marked the bill introduction deadline for the second year of the 2019-20 legislative term. The next few months will be tough – we are fighting proposals from all fronts. Labor issues, new tax proposals, scheduling, pricing are just a few of the issues we will be dealing with. We welcome the input and involvement of our member companies as we advocate on their behalf. Our members also can join our monthly policy calls, so they have the most up to date information on legislative proposals that affect retail in California. Our member’s voice is an important part of the CRA team; if you are not a member of CRA, we hope you will join other retail industry leaders in signing up so you can take advantage of all the opportunities and benefits of association membership. 

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