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CRA President and CEO Rachel Michelin in GVWire: Newsom Mask Order Takes Pressure off Retailers, but Debate Rages

Nancy Price  June 22, 2020

Who would have thought that something as insignificant as a few square inches of cloth could cause such a big brouhaha?

But the debate over whether they should be required in the first place rages on.

Prior to Newsom’s order, businesses and their employees found themselves on the front lines of the mask/no mask battle, trying to enforce a “patchwork” of local ordinances that varied between cities and counties and caused confusion among consumers, said Rachel Michelin, president of the California Retailers Association.

…The face mask mandate should help clarify what the rules are, although it’s unclear what will happen when consumers who could be wearing a mask — they aren’t hard of hearing or don’t have medical issues — choose not to, Michelin told GV Wire on Friday.

But all in all, she said, the mandate “is a good first step.”

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