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CRA President and CEO Responds to Homeless, Shoplifters Blamed for Big Lots Closing in Citrus Heights

“Nothing they can do about it”: Homeless, shoplifters blamed for Big Lots closing in Citrus Heights


Rachel Michelin, the president of the California Retailers Association, isn’t surprised. She said retail theft is rampant right now. CBS13 talked with her exactly one year ago when we saw an uptick in disturbing smash and grabs. Michelin said progress has been made since then, but there’s still more work to do. She blames a loophole in the law where up to $950 in thefts only amounts to a misdemeanor.

“Now we need law enforcement to partner with us. We need them to show up to really be a deterrent to this. We need prosecutors to prosecute and we need to look at Prop 47 and figure out how we can fix it to make it work so that our businesses are protected and, more importantly, our employees are protected and our neighbors can continue to be served by these businesses,” said Michelin.

The California Retailers Association says for every big name store that shuts down because of thefts, there are three smaller stores that will shut down. Michelin is hoping the governor’s record funding to curb retail theft will start making a difference.


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