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CRA President and CEO Speaks to NBC Bay Area “COVID at Work – State Sees 30% Rise in Safety Complaints”

By Candice NguyenMichael HornJeremy Carroll and Kevin Nious 

Published July 2, 2020  Updated on July 3, 2020 at 9:08 am

California Retailers Association President Rachel Michelin believes part of the problem is that businesses aren’t always clear which guidelines to follow between the CDC, Cal/OSHA, and local county health departments.  

“We want to play by the rules. We want to be good partners, we just need to know what the rules are,” Michelin told NBC Bay Area.

Michelin says getting customers to keep workers safe by wearing a mask is another big challenge.

“We’ve had knives drawn on associates, a lot of yelling, a lot of colorful language,” Michelin said.

Despite the rise in safety complaints and a record spike in cases, Michelin believes another shutdown would be a bad idea.

“That would just do a lot [of harm] in terms of frustrating all Californians if we saw us going backwards instead of thoughtfully thinking about working together to see how we can contain the spread so that we keep our businesses open,” Michelin said.

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