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CRA President and CEO Rachel Michelin Speaks with The Real Deal about Impact of LA County’s new COVID-19 Restrictions

The wait for a table is 3 weeks: Industry erupts at LA’s outdoor dining ban

LA landlords, restaurant owners say they have been unfairly targeted; brokers say tenants will struggle to pay rent

By Matthew Blake

Landlords and restaurateurs say Los Angeles County’s decision to suspend outdoor dining for three weeks because of spiking Covid cases will have dire economic consequences.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, L.A.’s restaurant industry has grumbled about various pandemic-related restrictions, but it has mostly complied.

That has begun to shift, and the outdoor dining ban is a flashpoint. The move has already led to a lawsuit, resistance by city governments — Pasadena is not complying — and outrage among commercial brokers and landlords.

“Public officials have chosen not to talk to us,” said Rachel Michelin, executive director of the California Retailers’ Association. “Unfortunately, the only recourse is to file a lawsuit,” she added, in reference to the restaurant association’s complaint.

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