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CRA President & CEO on KFBK 1530AM/93.1FM Radio Responding to Effort to Overturn Prop. 13

In Case You Missed It… CRA President & CEO Rachel Michelin was on KFBK Radio yesterday commenting on an effort to overturn Proposition 13 in 2020, which started gathering signatures.

“Overturning Prop. 13 will have significant consequences. The cost of business in California is already too high. This tax increase will be reflected in the cost of every day consumer products- groceries, utility bills, diapers, prescription drugs, clothing, day care, health care, even gas are all going to be affected by an increase in commercial property tax. Businesses will also have a hard time growing, especially “mom and pop” shops across CA. Small business could be faced with laying off employees or even closing up shop.”

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