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CRA Responds: Employees at Fair Oaks Safeway say routine theft also causing them to feel unsafe

(KTXL) — An employee from Safeway in Fair Oaks said the conditions at their store are similar to the Howe Avenue location that allegedly has routine theft. 

The employee contacted FOX40 and said he is also concerned about the safety and security at their location on Madison Avenue and Dewey Drive.

CRA President and CEO Rachel Michelin:

“For over two year, California retailers, through the California Retailers Association, have pleaded to Sacramento policy makers to work with us to deter the rampant serial theft we see increasing due to changes under Proposition 47, which allows individuals to steal up to $950, multiple times, without any real consequence.

There is no one single fix to this growing problem – we all must work together on solutions that protect our hard working retail employees, provide safe shopping experiences for our customers and ensure our neighborhoods are safe and thriving.”

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