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CRA Responds to New Organized Retail Crime Initiative in San Francisco

Sacramento, CA – September 22, 2021 – The Following statement can be attributed to Rachel Michelin, President and CEO of the California Retailers Association in response to today’s announcement of a new organized retail crime initiative in San Francisco

“California Retailers Association applauds the efforts by the San Francisco Mayor, local elected officials and law enforcement to announce a new initiative today, in partnership with local retailers and the business community to combat the City and County’s growing organized retail crime problem. 
CRA’s members have hundreds of stores throughout the County and City of San Francisco that have struggled for years with the continued rise in retail theft including having to limit store hours, place consumer items behind locked cases and even close stores. 

The CRA team has been working with local jurisdictions throughout the state on this critical issue meeting with local district attorneys, mayors and law enforcement to discuss collaborative solutions. CRA has also been fighting ORC at the state level working with Governor Gavin Newsom and his Administration, state legislators and California Highway Patrol to successfully extend the state’s Organized Retail Crime Task Force, which was set to expire, through the passage and signing of AB 331 as well as secure millions in budget appropriation for the Department of Justice specially for ORC. 

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