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CRA’s Vice President of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs Comments on California Chamber of Commerce Prop. 65 Lawsuit

CalChamber files lawsuit against attorney general over Proposition 65 warnings for acrylamide on food


By Rich Peters I Oct. 21, 2019

While many experts are in full support of the lawsuit, others believe that it could lead into a dangerous direction in respect to the thousands of other label warnings required by Proposition 65.

“[It] undermines the credibility of all other Prop. 65 warnings down the road,” said Steve McCarthy, vice president of public policy and regulatory affairs of the California Retailers Association. “Consumers are already becoming accustomed to seeing these warnings everywhere, but if they’re also providing information that’s just misleading or incorrect, that’s even more deeply problematic.”

However, McCarthy also expressed his concern with the overwhelming amount of warnings on labels, saying they may actually be meaningless.

“We’re getting into a world where too many warnings are no warning at all … It’s definitely a problem and a concern, particularly for our members – the retailers – as well as manufacturers,” he said.

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