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Legislative Alert – end of session update

We are entering our last few weeks of session. Here is where we stand on CRA priority bills. Session ends September 13th. For a full list of bills CRA is tracking visit our member portal. Not a member, click here to join!

Appropriations Committee actions

The Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees met today and took the following actions on legislation of significant concern to CRA:

Held by the Senate Appropriations Committee
The followings bills were held in committee:

AB 161, Ting: Requires businesses to give customers the option to receive a receipt as proof of purchase, limits what information can be included on paper receipts, and requires all paper receipts be BPA and BPS-free by 2022. Position: Oppose.

AB 387, Gabriel: Would create the Prescription Labeling and Adverse Drug Event Prevention Advisory Task Force, to make recommendations, and report findings to the California State Board of Pharmacy, the Medical Board of California, and the Legislature. Position: Oppose

AB 719, Rubio: Requires manufacturers to submit proposals to the Department of Fish and Wildlife on technology to track the source of crocodile or alligator hides used in the manufacturing process. Prohibits importation or sale of alligator and crocodile products, such as handbags or shoes, into the state, after March 30, 2022, if a track-and-trace system is not in place. CRA is seeking amendments to allow multiple technologies be approved and limit required tracking to the country of origin. Position: Support if Amended.

AB 1270, Stone: Expands the False Claims Act to tax filings, and makes private attorneys eligible to prosecute businesses under the Act. Position: Oppose.

Passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee
The following bills now move to the Senate Floor for a vote:

AB 1080, Gonzalez: Requires CalRecycle, by January 1, 2024, to adopt regulations that require producers, as defined, to source reduce, to the maximum extent feasible, single-use packaging and priority single-use plastic products, and to ensure that by 2030 all single-use packaging and single-use plastic products in the California market are recyclable or compostable. Requires a 75% reduction in waste for single-use packaging and single-use plastic products by 2030. (SB 54/Allen, also passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee). Position: Oppose

AB 1281, Chau: Requires businesses to place signage, as specified, at the entrance of locations where they are using facial recognition technology and would allow public prosecutors to seek penalties for violations of this requirement. Position: Oppose unless amended.

AB 1360, Ting: Places specified requirements on a food delivery platform that engages in online food ordering and delivery from a grocery establishment and would require the Department of Public Health to enforce penalties. CRA has agreed with the author on amendments that would remove retailer liability and therefore remove CRA oppositionPosition: Oppose

Other Actions

SB 531 (Glazer) Prohibits all cities and counties from entering into agreements with retailers to provide tax incentives to locate a business within their jurisdictions. Status: Assembly Floor (failed first attempt at passage, 8/30/19). Position: Oppose

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