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Recycling Today: Best Buy hits zero waste goal at reverse logistics center

Retailer’s reverse logistics center in Chino, California, achieves 99 percent landfill diversion.

Posted by Brian Taylor

Minnesota-based retailer Best Buy says it has earned a Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) certification for zero waste at its Reverse Logistics Center in Chino, California. During the past year, the facility was able to divert more than 99.67 percent of its solid waste from landfills, says the retailer.

“We have long been committed to making a positive impact on the planet and the communities we serve, and that journey has pushed us to continually find new ways to make our business even more sustainable,” states the company’s Ale Valeriano in a blog post.

TRUE is a certification system set up by Washington-based Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). According to that firm, TRUE has been designed to help facilities define, pursue and achieve zero waste goals, which can increase their resource efficiency, cut their carbon footprint and support public health.

Valeriano says part of Best Buy’s commitment is to reduce its carbon footprint and help its customers keep electronic scrap out of landfills. “To continue reducing our impact on the environment, we will work toward building a more sustainable supply chain, expanding our zero-waste efforts to different facilities,” she writes.

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