Western States Organized Retail Crime Conference – 2021

September 29 and 30

CRA President and CEO Rachel Michelin led a session focused on “Community Impacts of Organized Retail Crime”

Rachel: “Working at the community level is what we are focusing on right now- working with local law enforcement and district attorneys up and down the state of California to elevate how important the issue of organized retail crime is. We have to combat claims that ORC is a victimless crime and that larger retailers are not impacted. These are very far from the truth. CRA is promoting and telling the stories of the great work regional task forces are doing to curtail ORC. We have a lot of education to do so local elected officials understand the depth of this problem. CRA is also working with loss/asset prevention professionals as ORC subject matter experts to provide policy solutions to Governor Gavin Newsom’s office.”

Conference Partners include:

  • Organized Retail Crime Association of Idaho
  • Nevada Organized Retail Crime Association
  • Arizona Organized Retail Crime
  • California Organized Retail Crime
  • Washington Organized Retail Crime Association
  • Organized Retail Crime Association of Oregon
  • California Retailers Association
  • Washington Retail Association

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