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KPCC Air Talk Radio Host Larry Mantle Speaks with CRA’s President and CEO Rachel Michelin to Check In On The Retail Industry’s Recovery As SoCal Moves Into The Yellow Tier

Although retail stores have dealt with fewer drastic coronavirus-related closures than indoor restaurants, museums and other recreational businesses, the pandemic has still radically restructured the industry.

In this segment, listeners hear more about how the pandemic has affected retail.


“We are seeing an uptick with people online shopping and getting back into our brick and mortar stores, however, we are still concerned and watching our small retailers to make sure they can also benefit in the uptick.

“The schools have had an influence in getting people back into the retail establishment. Those retailers deemed essential during the pandemic are not facing as much of a labor shortage as our smaller retailers. Our hope is that, as things continue to loosen up, people will get into their communities and work in these establishments- we are looking forward to June 15.”

“The supply chain has been a big issue. Our smaller retailers have had to shut their doors because of backups in our ports, logistics supply chain. This is affecting more than just CA- we are the gateway when it comes to the supply chain. We are watching the issue closely including the rise in gas prices and how that affects how quickly goods get on shelves and the cost of goods. We are focusing on recruitment for getting people to work in our ports and logistical systems and streamlining goods delivery to our stores and consumers.”


Rachel Michelin, president and CEO of the California Retailers Association, the trade group representing all aspects of retail in the state; she tweets @RachelEMichelin

Alexis DeSalva Kahler, senior research analyst focusing on retail and e-commerce at Mintel, a global market research firm; she tweets @acdesalva

Martin Breidsprecher, chief operating officer of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce; he tweets @mbreidsprecher


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